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Hello. How did I do with my last post?

You know, you are more than welcome to leave a comment or two on the thoughts I laid down for you to digest. I hope I did not say too much that did not cause you to blush or twitch your brows with concern. Just remember, I only spoke from the heart. I have acknowledged this much from the outset that I need to work on my heart as well. Emotionally speaking, there is room for improvement. Physically, I need to target my cardiovascular health along with building up my muscles during the composition of my very first balanced health and fitness plan.

I may have said a controversial thing or two in regard to how you should use the fruit and vegetable smoothie, but there again, it is from personal experience that I am speaking, and I may just also add that what works for one woman, may not necessarily work for the other. You see, we need to acknowledge and appreciate that we are all built and programmed differently. Our hearts, minds and bodies all think and work differently too. and what woman has not reminded herself, after looking at herself in the mirror, how different she looks in shape and size from another girl who can generally be described to be a little on the thin side.

Take this to heart. Focus less on how you look and more on how you must feel when composing your first health and fitness plan. That is what I am trying to achieve for myself here. The balance I have in mind does not just concern exercise and physiological requirements, it also has to do with what interests you in life. Perhaps there are those of you who would love to spend more time outdoors. That is encouraging, and exercising regularly presents you with that opportunity to do just that. So, do spend more time outdoors, but do mind the sun.


Health and fitness training needs to be balanced at all times. Aerobic exercise allows you to create that required balance. It focuses on both cardiovascular and endurance activities. Cardiovascular exercise will be fairly intense, lasting no longer than a few minutes, while endurance pursuits can be long-term, hours-long and fun-filled affairs generally enjoyed over the weekend when you have more time on your hands.

Weight training

If you are of a light weight and thin like me then perhaps a bit of weight training is a good idea for you right now. Building up those muscles is essentially strength training. It is recommended that you put yourself through at least two sessions per week. These sessions need not be long if you are a beginner and a forty-five minute workout should suffice, provided that your exercises are focused on those areas of your body that need strengthening.

You do not need to go to the gym if you are a little shy like me. You can just as easily utilize your own handheld and freestanding portable weights for the beginner’s exercises that you need to do to start strengthening your muscles.


Core exercises

These are essential exercises that you can do without having to rush off to the gym and lunge yourself upon complex sets of equipment which can confuse you sometimes. The abdomen, lower back and pelvis are areas of the body where your core muscles are located. The required exercises help you to train your muscles to brace the spine and empowers you to use your upper and lower body muscles more effectively.

And a very quick and easy fruit smoothie to freshen you up with

All you have to do is take two cups of leafy greens and add it to your blender. To this, add water and blend until all leafy chunks have dissipated. Thereafter, add chunks of mango, bananas and pineapples and blend again until all ingredients are smooth. Then pour the chilled ingredients into your favorite glass or bottle and enjoy your break.

Well, I hope you enjoy your break. I’ll be taking a short one myself before preparing my next post for you.

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