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Simple Healthy Advice

Simple Healthy Advice


If you have kids like I do, you know just how difficult it is to get them to eat their veggies. However, you can do something to change that. By adding things like kale, collards, and/or spinach to your blender with their favorite fresh fruits and some water, you’ll be creating not only something very nourishing for them but something they will actually love drinking. Even the pickiest of kids will enjoy a good green smoothie recipe.


The greens that most of our kids won’t eat are filled with things that ramp up their body’s own ability to remove toxins from their bodies. Kids need these greens like kale, spinach and collards to help them detoxify their bodies that are continually bombarded with chemicals from the environment. A good green smoothie recipe is going to be helpful in getting this job done.


If you have the right green smoothie recipe and you know how to ease your kids into drink green smoothies, you might be surprised how quickly they change their minds.

Five Ways to Ease Your Kids Into Loving a Green Smoothie Recipe

The first thing you need to consider doing is start off by having more fruit than anything else. Here is a quick example of a simple green smoothie recipe you can start with. Just add berries and bananas together with two or three leaves of kale. This won’t change the color of the smoothie at all and won’t freak them out. Eventually add a little more greens to the smoothie and they will suddenly not care because it will still taste great to them and the color will no longer scare them off.

Another important thing to do is make sure to use fruits that are naturally creamy. Consider adding a frozen banana to half of an avocado for a simple green smoothie recipe. Not only does this taste amazingly great but it gives your kids that creamy feel in their mouths they enjoy, like ice cream.

Always make sure that you have a really good quality restaurant grade blender when you make any kind of smoothie but this is especially important when it comes to any green smoothie recipe. Something similar to a Vitamix is ideal. Regular blenders tend to find it difficult to blend the fibers of greens and this makes the texture of the green smoothie recipe not very desirable for kids.

No matter what you put in your green smoothie recipe always serve it with a straw. Kids love to drink out of a glass with straws. For some reason drinking with a straw makes the experience a lot more fun.

If there’s nothing you can do to convince your kids to drink your green smoothie recipe because of the color, you can always fix it and then pour it into a colored glass that has a lid and a straw hole. This way they can’t see the color of the drink and will be more willing to try it. Once they see how great it tastes, the green color may no longer scare them off.

Consider Color, Texture, & Flavor for a Green Smoothie Recipe

It’s all about color, texture and flavor for kids. If any of those things are off, you’re going to have a hard time selling a green smoothie recipe to them. By making the smoothie a vibrant color like a purple with the right combination of fruits and veggies or a really bright and brilliant green by using pineapple, banana, kale, collards and avocado, you may find it easier for them to drink it.

Texture is very important to kids. You really need to make sure that your green smoothie recipe is nice and creamy and resembles a milkshake or they’re not going to buy into it. This is why things like avocado, bananas, coconut butter, nut butter, and/or peanut butter are all great things to help make the smoothie a nice creamy texture kids enjoy.

Taste is key as well. It needs to be rid of any bitter taste and often that can be done with citrus like oranges or lemons instead of sugar. Honey is a good way to hide the bitter taste of some greens. Just remember, they’re not going to drink it if they taste any hint of bitterness in it.

Simple Green Smoothie Recipe to Try

If you think you’re ready to try a green smoothie recipe on your kids here’s a simple one that should give you a good start.

Take and add two to three cups of freshly chopped fruits that your kids love to your blender and then add two to three cups of liquid (it can be a juice they enjoy). Blend this until smooth. Now add ½ to a whole avocado, if you add a whole avocado, you might want a little more liquid, that’s up to you. After you’ve added your avocado then add whatever greens you’ve decided to go with and make sure that it’s just a little the first time around. You can also add a few herbs and then some superfood like peanut butter, almond butter, honey, whatever you feel is going to make the taste more like a dessert to your kids. Now blend all of this together well until it’s nice and smooth. It’s best that you taste it before serving to check for any bitterness from the greens. If it’s too bitter then add some citrus, if it’s too mild then add a little more greens. Then blend again.

This makes six to eight cups and you can story any of this green smoothie recipe in a glass jar in your fridge for about two days. Another idea you can use is freeze the leftovers in popsicle molds if you have them and they can be eaten as a great frozen and tasty treat.

Simple Healthy Advice


It is what it is, and that’s the way it’s got to be. Those were the first words that came to mind just before I started to think on opening lines for this little post on green smoothies, of all things. Those words issued had something to do with the way I’ve been feeling lately.

It’s not depression or even the hard life, no, nothing of that sort, although I am prone to such ruminations from time to time, but mainly women’s thoughts.

It’s that time of the month, you see, and I had to wonder whether a green or creamy smoothie would do me any good. Well, there’s only one way to find out. Just for a moment, never mind what nutritionists and dietary experts have to say about what’s appropriate in helping us deal with our emotions while we are menstruating or going through the different stages of menopause. Remember, this is a personal blog and personal thoughts are being shared. So, at this point of time it is well worth reminding you of my personal disclaimer which suggests that I do not profess to know everything about health and fitness and healthy lifestyles, exercising and healthy eating plans. I am not a qualified expert so my word is not gospel.

I cannot and will not give you medical advice. All I can do is endeavor to lift you up a little by sharing my own personal thoughts on the matter. And that matter has to do with the mood swings we women often have to put ourselves through. Through personal experience, I can tell you that a lot of those distractions retire to the recesses of my mind as I go on with my life on keeping fit and healthy through my not yet regular exercise jaunts and my occasional insightful evenings in the kitchen, coming up with new recipes that provide the precursors for a meal that is as wholesome and happy as I want to be, always.

H’mm that is an interesting statement to make. The entire paragraph that went before veered back to the emotional but it was for a good cause. I managed to get things off my chest. I am also motivating myself to become a bit more regular with my life. This will empower me to manage my mood swings a bit better. Exercising regularly is an uplifting experience all on its own, particularly when you have been at it for a few months and have begun to see and feel the positive results of becoming healthy, fit and happy.

I would like to close off this short, moody post by just mentioning some of the positive attributes of the famous green smoothie. You will recall that in an earlier post I reminded you all that the smoothie, like vitamin and natural remedy supplements, cannot be treated as a meal on its own, so please just bear that in mind. In fact, I was horrified when I read the similar remarks on positive smoothie attributes left by another lady when she quite openly and unabashedly suggested ‘swapping a meal with a green smoothie’.

Anyway, what the regular smoothie will do for me at this point in time is help to keep me regular. Because of all its natural and raw ingredients, it will most certainly energize me and that energy does lift one out of the darker veils of unhappy moods. It goes without saying that there will be far less bloating than would have been the case if we were indulging in heavy, fat-laden meals. And those who need to lose weight should be glad to know that the smoothie drink does help with the weight loss mission.

This was supposed to be a shorter than usual post, and just look what happened. Oh well. I do hope it was at least helpful to you.

Simple Healthy Advice


There is one good thing I like about the paradigmatic universe of the healthy lifestyle. Just from my own modestly personal point of view, there is richness in variety when setting off on our way to making new discoveries where healthy lifestyles are concerned. It is not at all how it used to be.

Gone are the days when we had to frigidly and nervously starve ourselves on just green leaves, carrots and just a morsel of tuna fish, if we were lucky. Gone are the days when we, overweight and sweating profusely, were awkward with our motions in trying to keep up and make sense of the bawling instructions emanating from the aerobics instructor who had legs that resembled those of my nifty little brother who played rugby once upon a time.

Hello, I hope my opening lines were not too much of a mouthful. Don’t worry; this post won’t be too long today. I’m still working on a balanced health and fitness plan, trying to tailor it exactly in accordance with my personal life and health as it stands today. I think in my last post, I was merely laying the groundwork for such plans. I hope it was of some use to you as well. I hope this was the case, not so much that I happened to manage including a few informational bits on exercise variety but out of inspiration for realizing the possibilities of being able to follow pursuits that we previously convinced ourselves were never able to do. It’s just like the opening lines of this post have already suggested. Gone are those days.

And now, nothing but the future to look forward to. It is but a bright and sunny day where I am at this point in time. It is bright and sunny outdoors but a tad gloomy in my study. So, I have elected to shut off my laptop, freshen myself up, put on something nice and comfortable to wear, along with my favorite walking shoes, and leave my compound and go for that promised and long anticipated walk. In this sense, I will now be taking a complete break from my work, although my thoughts will never be too far away from it.

I do hope, however, that by the time I return to my desk (which I must), I will be in a positive frame of mind to carry on with my work. I’m also dying to take what is termed a power nap. Even if you can’t sleep during the day (which seems to be the case for me), you can just lie down on your bed for a while with the curtains closed, perhaps even light an incense candle, and calmly endeavor to unbundle your nerves. A good sleep beckons for me tonight. I had not been sleeping well these last few days, mainly due to the pressures of late night work sessions and trying to recreate myself with a show or movie which turned out to be quite boring in any event.

This is all about doing things trial by error, as they say. I now know that I need to organize my daily personal and work life a lot better so that I can squeeze in something extra and get to bed a lot earlier.

Simple Healthy Advice


Hello. How did I do with my last post?

You know, you are more than welcome to leave a comment or two on the thoughts I laid down for you to digest. I hope I did not say too much that did not cause you to blush or twitch your brows with concern. Just remember, I only spoke from the heart. I have acknowledged this much from the outset that I need to work on my heart as well. Emotionally speaking, there is room for improvement. Physically, I need to target my cardiovascular health along with building up my muscles during the composition of my very first balanced health and fitness plan.

I may have said a controversial thing or two in regard to how you should use the fruit and vegetable smoothie, but there again, it is from personal experience that I am speaking, and I may just also add that what works for one woman, may not necessarily work for the other. You see, we need to acknowledge and appreciate that we are all built and programmed differently. Our hearts, minds and bodies all think and work differently too. and what woman has not reminded herself, after looking at herself in the mirror, how different she looks in shape and size from another girl who can generally be described to be a little on the thin side.

Take this to heart. Focus less on how you look and more on how you must feel when composing your first health and fitness plan. That is what I am trying to achieve for myself here. The balance I have in mind does not just concern exercise and physiological requirements, it also has to do with what interests you in life. Perhaps there are those of you who would love to spend more time outdoors. That is encouraging, and exercising regularly presents you with that opportunity to do just that. So, do spend more time outdoors, but do mind the sun.


Health and fitness training needs to be balanced at all times. Aerobic exercise allows you to create that required balance. It focuses on both cardiovascular and endurance activities. Cardiovascular exercise will be fairly intense, lasting no longer than a few minutes, while endurance pursuits can be long-term, hours-long and fun-filled affairs generally enjoyed over the weekend when you have more time on your hands.

Weight training

If you are of a light weight and thin like me then perhaps a bit of weight training is a good idea for you right now. Building up those muscles is essentially strength training. It is recommended that you put yourself through at least two sessions per week. These sessions need not be long if you are a beginner and a forty-five minute workout should suffice, provided that your exercises are focused on those areas of your body that need strengthening.

You do not need to go to the gym if you are a little shy like me. You can just as easily utilize your own handheld and freestanding portable weights for the beginner’s exercises that you need to do to start strengthening your muscles.


Core exercises

These are essential exercises that you can do without having to rush off to the gym and lunge yourself upon complex sets of equipment which can confuse you sometimes. The abdomen, lower back and pelvis are areas of the body where your core muscles are located. The required exercises help you to train your muscles to brace the spine and empowers you to use your upper and lower body muscles more effectively.

And a very quick and easy fruit smoothie to freshen you up with

All you have to do is take two cups of leafy greens and add it to your blender. To this, add water and blend until all leafy chunks have dissipated. Thereafter, add chunks of mango, bananas and pineapples and blend again until all ingredients are smooth. Then pour the chilled ingredients into your favorite glass or bottle and enjoy your break.

Well, I hope you enjoy your break. I’ll be taking a short one myself before preparing my next post for you.

Simple Healthy Advice


Hello, it’s me Lottie again. Did I do alright with my last post? Was it sufficiently motivating and did it further captivate your growing interest in the ways and means you could begin to transform your life from what it used to be as a tired old girl, sitting lonely on her couch in front of her telly with only her chips and chocolates and maybe the chubby tabby for company, to a superbly fit and energetic woman who just can’t wait to get out the front door to start her next run, oozing in confidence and wholly excited about her new life.

One exciting thing I am going to share with you today is my recent discovery of the so-called fruit and vegetable smoothie. I say so-called because I also discovered that there are fanatical or desperate women out there who go into the art and practice of making smoothies for entirely controversial and sometimes even blatantly incorrect reasons. Like the ingestion of vitamin supplements, some people often mistake the smoothie for a complete replacement of their daily meals which must include all three, being breakfast, lunch and supper.

So far, I have said this feelingly because I speak from personal experience. I have experienced what it feels like to be utterly weak, all my energy sapped from the day’s exertions. Smoothies do have great value in terms of nutrition and feeding you with all vitamins, minerals and other essentials, but it can never replace your daily meals. I am one of those who do not yet advocate the detoxification diet. At this stage, my body is not yet ready to undergo such a rigorous program. Also, I’m fortunate in the sense that I do not need to lose weight. In fact, I need to put on weight and my future health and fitness regime needs to be focused on building up and strengthening what is currently left of my muscles.

The smoothie, to my mind, is not a meal replacement. What it can be for me particularly is something of a good gap between meals. This will lessen the chance of me overeating at meal times because I won’t be so hungry by then. I can also use the smoothie after the exertions of my extremely physical workout and weight training session which I have yet to get used to. I just have to make sure that the smoothie has its recommended quota of proteins and healthy fats which most fruits and vegetables, and dairy products already have.

Where I am concerned, needing to build up muscles and strengthen them, these healthy fats and proteins are vital. In fact, now that I think about it, I can also take a smoothie before my workout. Imagine then, how that will make me feel. I also learned that adding raw oats to the smoothie mixture is rather potent. Let me close off this post on mixing your fruit and vegetables effectively between meals by passing on a short list of ingredients which fulfill all those requirements just mentioned above.

Smoothie for exercise and energy

Ingredients: 2 cups berries, banana, 2 cups unsweetened almond milk, 2 tablespoons of fat-free plain yogurt, a quarter cup of oats and 2 cups fresh kale.