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Creative Ideas for Those Seashells You’ve Been Collecting

I don’t know about you but any time I have an opportunity to visit a beach, I’m always looking for some great seashells to pick up and take home with me. I like doing this not only because they are a beautiful reminder of strolling along a warm sandy beach but, they can also be turned into some nice gifts if you want to be creative with them.

Here’s a few crafty ideas for your seashells:

A really simple and elegant item you can make with seashells are seashell candles. All you need are a variety of different sized deep shells such as scallops, clams and quahog shells. Then just get whatever kind of candle wax you want and some wick string found at craft stores. Melt you candle wax, cut wick to the size you want, dip the wick in the warm wax, place it in the shell and pour the rest of the wax into the shell making sure you leave just enough of the wick above the surface of the wax to be able to light it when your candles are ready. These are great to use on coffee tables, end tables, patio tables and even for a nice look on your dining table.

Soap dishes are neat gifts to give and you can easily make them with a couple of different sized shells. You should have one big shell and then one small shell for the base of the soap dish. Take some newspaper, crumple it up and form into a ring. Then take some two part epoxy and epoxy the big seashell to the small seashell, make sure it’s back to back. Once that is done put the shells in the newspaper ring with the small seashell down, this is to help support the top shell while the epoxy is drying. Easy as that, as soon as it’s dry you have a lovely little soap dish to keep or give as a gift.

Another simple and elegant gift you can create with clam shells or shells similar to clam shells is a shell wreath. All you need is a 12 inch metal wreath that is form packed with straw. Take some wire and tightly wind it around the straw and frame at one inch intervals. Then take some tacky craft glue and put it on the inside edge of your shells. Now arrange your shells kind of like a puzzle on the wreath form. Put medium sized shells in the center of the wreath and along the outside of the wreath then add smaller sizes to fill in any gaps there might be. Once it’s dry the wreath is ready to hang.

One final idea is to make seashell flowerpots. Here you will need a variety of different sized Terra-cotta pots, same sized seashells or close to same sized for each pot, some tacky glue and tweezers. Take whatever size pot you want to work with first and then get the shells you want to work with, add some tacky glue to the shells and then add them all around the rim of the pot. For smaller shells you can use the tweezers to help glue them onto the pots. That’s all there is to it. If you want to make the pot looked weathered, you can buy some powdered milk paint and then combine one part milk paint with one part water and paint pot. Let it dry one hour. Next you’ll need one part lime powder, this can be found in most garden centers and combine with two parts water, brush over the paint and let dry one hour. Take some sand paper when dry and sand down the pot with medium grit sand paper until you get the look you want.

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