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It is what it is, and that’s the way it’s got to be. Those were the first words that came to mind just before I started to think on opening lines for this little post on green smoothies, of all things. Those words issued had something to do with the way I’ve been feeling lately.

It’s not depression or even the hard life, no, nothing of that sort, although I am prone to such ruminations from time to time, but mainly women’s thoughts.

It’s that time of the month, you see, and I had to wonder whether a green or creamy smoothie would do me any good. Well, there’s only one way to find out. Just for a moment, never mind what nutritionists and dietary experts have to say about what’s appropriate in helping us deal with our emotions while we are menstruating or going through the different stages of menopause. Remember, this is a personal blog and personal thoughts are being shared. So, at this point of time it is well worth reminding you of my personal disclaimer which suggests that I do not profess to know everything about health and fitness and healthy lifestyles, exercising and healthy eating plans. I am not a qualified expert so my word is not gospel.

I cannot and will not give you medical advice. All I can do is endeavor to lift you up a little by sharing my own personal thoughts on the matter. And that matter has to do with the mood swings we women often have to put ourselves through. Through personal experience, I can tell you that a lot of those distractions retire to the recesses of my mind as I go on with my life on keeping fit and healthy through my not yet regular exercise jaunts and my occasional insightful evenings in the kitchen, coming up with new recipes that provide the precursors for a meal that is as wholesome and happy as I want to be, always.

H’mm that is an interesting statement to make. The entire paragraph that went before veered back to the emotional but it was for a good cause. I managed to get things off my chest. I am also motivating myself to become a bit more regular with my life. This will empower me to manage my mood swings a bit better. Exercising regularly is an uplifting experience all on its own, particularly when you have been at it for a few months and have begun to see and feel the positive results of becoming healthy, fit and happy.

I would like to close off this short, moody post by just mentioning some of the positive attributes of the famous green smoothie. You will recall that in an earlier post I reminded you all that the smoothie, like vitamin and natural remedy supplements, cannot be treated as a meal on its own, so please just bear that in mind. In fact, I was horrified when I read the similar remarks on positive smoothie attributes left by another lady when she quite openly and unabashedly suggested ‘swapping a meal with a green smoothie’.

Anyway, what the regular smoothie will do for me at this point in time is help to keep me regular. Because of all its natural and raw ingredients, it will most certainly energize me and that energy does lift one out of the darker veils of unhappy moods. It goes without saying that there will be far less bloating than would have been the case if we were indulging in heavy, fat-laden meals. And those who need to lose weight should be glad to know that the smoothie drink does help with the weight loss mission.

This was supposed to be a shorter than usual post, and just look what happened. Oh well. I do hope it was at least helpful to you.

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