Simple Healthy Advice


There is one good thing I like about the paradigmatic universe of the healthy lifestyle. Just from my own modestly personal point of view, there is richness in variety when setting off on our way to making new discoveries where healthy lifestyles are concerned. It is not at all how it used to be.

Gone are the days when we had to frigidly and nervously starve ourselves on just green leaves, carrots and just a morsel of tuna fish, if we were lucky. Gone are the days when we, overweight and sweating profusely, were awkward with our motions in trying to keep up and make sense of the bawling instructions emanating from the aerobics instructor who had legs that resembled those of my nifty little brother who played rugby once upon a time.

Hello, I hope my opening lines were not too much of a mouthful. Don’t worry; this post won’t be too long today. I’m still working on a balanced health and fitness plan, trying to tailor it exactly in accordance with my personal life and health as it stands today. I think in my last post, I was merely laying the groundwork for such plans. I hope it was of some use to you as well. I hope this was the case, not so much that I happened to manage including a few informational bits on exercise variety but out of inspiration for realizing the possibilities of being able to follow pursuits that we previously convinced ourselves were never able to do. It’s just like the opening lines of this post have already suggested. Gone are those days.

And now, nothing but the future to look forward to. It is but a bright and sunny day where I am at this point in time. It is bright and sunny outdoors but a tad gloomy in my study. So, I have elected to shut off my laptop, freshen myself up, put on something nice and comfortable to wear, along with my favorite walking shoes, and leave my compound and go for that promised and long anticipated walk. In this sense, I will now be taking a complete break from my work, although my thoughts will never be too far away from it.

I do hope, however, that by the time I return to my desk (which I must), I will be in a positive frame of mind to carry on with my work. I’m also dying to take what is termed a power nap. Even if you can’t sleep during the day (which seems to be the case for me), you can just lie down on your bed for a while with the curtains closed, perhaps even light an incense candle, and calmly endeavor to unbundle your nerves. A good sleep beckons for me tonight. I had not been sleeping well these last few days, mainly due to the pressures of late night work sessions and trying to recreate myself with a show or movie which turned out to be quite boring in any event.

This is all about doing things trial by error, as they say. I now know that I need to organize my daily personal and work life a lot better so that I can squeeze in something extra and get to bed a lot earlier.

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