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If you have kids like I do, you know just how difficult it is to get them to eat their veggies. However, you can do something to change that. By adding things like kale, collards, and/or spinach to your blender with their favorite fresh fruits and some water, you’ll be creating not only something very nourishing for them but something they will actually love drinking. Even the pickiest of kids will enjoy a good green smoothie recipe.

The greens that most of our kids won’t eat are filled with things that ramp up their body’s own ability to remove toxins from their bodies. Kids need these greens like kale, spinach and collards to help them detoxify their bodies that are continually bombarded with chemicals from the environment. A good green smoothie recipe is going to be helpful in getting this job done.

If you have the right green smoothie recipe and you know how to ease your kids into drink green smoothies, you might be surprised how quickly they change their minds.

Five Ways to Ease Your Kids Into Loving a Green Smoothie Recipe

The first thing you need to consider doing is start off by having more fruit than anything else. Here is a quick example of a simple green smoothie recipe you can start with. Just add berries and bananas together with two or three leaves of kale. This won’t change the color of the smoothie at all and won’t freak them out. Eventually add a little more greens to the smoothie and they will suddenly not care because it will still taste great to them and the color will no longer scare them off.

Another important thing to do is make sure to use fruits that are naturally creamy. Consider adding a frozen banana to half of an avocado for a simple green smoothie recipe. Not only does this taste amazingly great but it gives your kids that creamy feel in their mouths they enjoy, like ice cream.

Always make sure that you have a really good quality restaurant grade blender when you make any kind of smoothie but this is especially important when it comes to any green smoothie recipe. Something similar to a Vitamix is ideal. Regular blenders tend to find it difficult to blend the fibers of greens and this makes the texture of the green smoothie recipe not very desirable for kids.

No matter what you put in your green smoothie recipe always serve it with a straw. Kids love to drink out of a glass with straws. For some reason drinking with a straw makes the experience a lot more fun.

If there’s nothing you can do to convince your kids to drink your green smoothie recipe because of the color, you can always fix it and then pour it into a colored glass that has a lid and a straw hole. This way they can’t see the color of the drink and will be more willing to try it. Once they see how great it tastes, the green color may no longer scare them off.

Consider Color, Texture, & Flavor for a Green Smoothie Recipe

It’s all about color, texture and flavor for kids. If any of those things are off, you’re going to have a hard time selling a green smoothie recipe to them. By making the smoothie a vibrant color like a purple with the right combination of fruits and veggies or a really bright and brilliant green by using pineapple, banana, kale, collards and avocado, you may find it easier for them to drink it.

Texture is very important to kids. You really need to make sure that your green smoothie recipe is nice and creamy and resembles a milkshake or they’re not going to buy into it. This is why things like avocado, bananas, coconut butter, nut butter, and/or peanut butter are all great things to help make the smoothie a nice creamy texture kids enjoy.

Taste is key as well. It needs to be rid of any bitter taste and often that can be done with citrus like oranges or lemons instead of sugar. Honey is a good way to hide the bitter taste of some greens. Just remember, they’re not going to drink it if they taste any hint of bitterness in it.

Simple Green Smoothie Recipe to Try

If you think you’re ready to try a green smoothie recipe on your kids here’s a simple one that should give you a good start.

Take and add two to three cups of freshly chopped fruits that your kids love to your blender and then add two to three cups of liquid (it can be a juice they enjoy). Blend this until smooth. Now add ½ to a whole avocado, if you add a whole avocado, you might want a little more liquid, that’s up to you. After you’ve added your avocado then add whatever greens you’ve decided to go with and make sure that it’s just a little the first time around. You can also add a few herbs and then some superfood like peanut butter, almond butter, honey, whatever you feel is going to make the taste more like a dessert to your kids. Now blend all of this together well until it’s nice and smooth. It’s best that you taste it before serving to check for any bitterness from the greens. If it’s too bitter then add some citrus, if it’s too mild then add a little more greens. Then blend again.

This makes six to eight cups and you can story any of this green smoothie recipe in a glass jar in your fridge for about two days. Another idea you can use is freeze the leftovers in popsicle molds if you have them and they can be eaten as a great frozen and tasty treat.

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