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Tips for Making Your Outdoor Entertaining Easy But Elegant

When the weather is nice there is nothing like entertaining outdoors. This is something I really enjoy doing. Often times people will make it far more difficult that it really needs to be and that can take a lot of the fun out of it. So I think it’s important that you make this fun event as easy on yourself as you possibly can. So, here are a few things to consider to help make outdoor entertaining a lot easier and more enjoyable for you.

When having a successful outdoor dinner party it really doesn’t require anything elaborate, people just love getting together outside when the weather is nice. So keep the food simple, ask people to bring something they personally enjoy. Simple and good tasting food with some good company makes for a wonderful outdoor evening.

A quick tip here is make sure that your guests are comfortable while they are seated around your table. You can increase their comfort by adding cushions or pillows to your chairs if they aren’t padded. This will entice them to linger longer and visit at the table.

Want to give your table a nice casual look that comes with a super easy clean up? Well, just get some nice brown craft paper and lay it across your table, looks pretty cool and when dinner is over with you just roll up the paper and any mess with it and throw it away.

Don’t worry about using fancy dishes for your outdoor entertaining. Just buy some sturdy and pretty looking paper plates with some nice heavy duty matching paper napkins along with some vases filled with some fresh cut flowers, add a few votive candles in attractive candle holders and you are all set. Quick and easy to clean up as well.

Want to keep things orderly and organized when outdoor entertaining? It’s always a good idea to use separate tables with table cloths and individual centerpieces and then put drinks on one table, snacks and appetizers on another, and the main food on a third. This keeps things well organized and it encourages your guests to get up and move around and mingle more.

If you have peonies, gardenias or camellias in your yard all of these can be used for quick and easy table centerpieces. All you have to do is have a few shallow bowls, add some water, cut off the stems of the flowers and float them in the water. If you have all three of theses flowers combine them in one bowl for a nice and interesting look.

To make sure your guests are comfortable and ward off pesky insects at night fall you should get either some citronella candles or incense sticks and circle the party area with them and then light them as soon as evening hits.

If you want to add some ambiance to your party at night with candles but don’t want to worry about the flames being blown out consider buying some nice little battery operated candles that you can place all over the yard and patio area. This will cut down on overturned candles and waxy messes as well as dangerous accidents. You can also do the same thing with solar lights making sure that you get a variety of different shapes and sizes to add interest to the area.

Don’t know how to keep those bugs out of your drinks? It’s easy really and it adds a real nice touch to the party décor. So, what is that you might ask? Well, patterned cupcake liners. Put them over your glasses, poke a hole through the center and add a straw.

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